• Heirloom Organics Fruit Lover's Seed Pack
  • Heirloom Organics Fruit Lover's Seed Pack
  • Heirloom Organics Fruit Lover's Seed Pack
  • Heirloom Organics Fruit Lover's Seed Pack Contents

Heirloom Organics

Fruit Lover Seed Pack

$ 45.00



  • Contains 12 delicious fruit varieties
  • Packaged for Long Term Storage; Twice the normal seed shelf life
  • 100% Non-hybrid, Non-GMO Seeds
  • Save your seeds and never buy them again
  • Comes in a resealable mylar bag for easy storage; Dessicants included for moisture reduction after opening

The Heirloom Organics Fruit Lover’s Pack is absolutely overflowing with flavor, nutrition and health. You get the same succulent, juicy Watermelons and super sweet Cantaloupes & Melons we have always provided, but now we have added 2 super flavorful, easy-to-grow Strawberry varieties, America’s favorite Mulberries for pies, desserts and just good eating. And we have added the world’s most healthful berry, the Goji Berry, containing the highest amount of anti-oxidants of any food on earth! The Fruit Lover’s Pack is now the healthiest, most flavor-packed seed pack you can find!

Varieties Include:

Hales Best Cantaloupe - 34 seeds
Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe - 34 seeds
Imperial 45 Cantaloupe - 34 seeds
Goji Berry - 5 seeds
Honeydew - 34 seeds
Grape - 26 seeds
Mulberry - 38 seeds
Alexandria Strawberry - 34 seeds
Alpine Strawberry - 34 seeds
Crimson Sweet Watermelon - 34 seeds
Jubilee Watermelon - 34 seeds
Sugar Baby Watermelon - 34 seeds

Hales Best Cantaloupe An heirloom cantaloupe that has withstood the tests of time with its exceptionally sweet, succulent, aromatic flesh. Fruits weight 5 to 6 pounds with a small seed cavity. Vining plants can spread to 5 feet wide and a foot tall. Matures well even in the hottest summer weather.
Imperial 45 Cantaloupe Plant produces excellent yields of cantaloupes. They are sweet and have a deep orange flesh. Suitable for hot and humid regions. Execellent for home gardens and market growers. Keeps well.
Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe An orange fleshed muskmelon dating back to around 1890. Aromatic fruits typically weigh 2-3 pounds and have firm, juicy, flavorful, high quality flesh.
Green Flesh Honeydew Light green flesh with a delicious, sweet flavor makes this melon a favorite. Keeps well when stored in a cool place. High in vitamins A, B, and C. Should be planted only where growing season is long.
Crimson Sweet Watermelon Large, round melons averaging 25 lb. are light green with dark green stripes. Flesh is dark red, firm and fine-textured. A good producing type that is still quite popular. It is high in sugar content and has few, small seeds.
Jubilee Watermelon Jubilee produces a large light green watermelon with very distinct dark green stripes somewhat reminiscent of a rattlesnake's markings. The watermelons are large, averaging about 40 pounds in weight and have a very tough rind that is nearly an inch thick. The flesh is a lovely bright red in color dotted with large black "stipple" marked seeds and has a very fine texture and a very palatable sweet flavor that is superior to most other varieties of watermelons.
Sugar Baby Watermelon The standard of small watermelons. Round fruits, 6-8" in diameter, averaging 8-10 lb. Ripe melons are almost black. Good flavor. Tough rinds resist cracking. The standard of "icebox" melons for many years.
Goji Berry Dating back about 5,000 years, the goji berry can grow to reach a height of about 6 feet, with berries ranging in color from pale yellow to deep red and tasting like a cross between a cranberry & a raisin. It is said that a Chinese man named Li Qing Yuen consumed wolfberries daily & lived to the age of 252!
Grape Although small, tart, and seedy, the ripe grapes are edible and quite flavorful. Like those of cultivated grapes, the young leaves are also edible and can be used as a wrap for baked food. Grapes eaten fresh or dried by Native Americans.
Mulberry The Fruit from the Mulberry Trees are similar in appearance to an elongated blackberry or raspberry and have a sweet flavor. Easily grown, this tree makes an attractive, fast growing landscape tree.
Alexandria Strawberry Plant produces excellent yields of juicy bright red strawberries from seeds the very first year if started early enough in the spring. This variety does not produce runners and can be planted with vegetables and flowers.
Alpine Strawberry The fruit is the ultimate reward. It's aroma is distintive and nearly impossible to put into words. The taste is also difficult to describe. Many expect the fruit to taste tart and sweet at the same time like some garden strawberries are supposed to taste.
*Due to ongoing seed shortages, seed varieties subject to change without notice. Replacements will be as close as possible and will be included in your order documentation.

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