• Home Invasion Kit

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Home Invasion Kit

$ 245.00 $ 265.00



  • 1 – Large Nylon Bag
  • 1 – 165pc First Aid Kit
  • 1 – Tactical Flashlight
  • 1 – Kimber Blaster
  • 1 – Sabre Home Fogger (25 feet)
  • 4 – Disposable Hand Restraints
  • 2 – Defensive Keychain
  • 4 – Go Towels
  • 2 – Mace Screecher Cable-Loop Alarm
  • 1 – Mace Screecher
  • 1 – Roll of Duct Tape
  • 1 – 50 Foot, 5mm Rope
  • 2 – High Pitch Whistle
  • NO SHIPPING to AK, AR, CA, DC, FL, HI, MA, NC, NJ, NV, or NY

Having a few home and self defense items securely stored under your bed or in a closet nearby is all you need for your home defense.  While some people are unable or uncomfortable owning or operating firearms, each item in the Home Invasion Defense Kit provides a safe, non-lethal means whereby you can protect your family and home without having to use lethal force.  With items included in this kit, you could blind an intruder by shining a tactical flashlight in their eyes, knock them down with a shot of pepper spray, and use police grade hand restraints to bind them until help arrives. Protect what matters most with the all inclusive home invasion kit.  

Kimber Blaster
· Disables an attacker for up to 45 minutes
· Two shots
· Because it is not an aerosol spray, it does not lose pressure over time allowing for effective use even after long storage
· Travels 13 feet in just a tenth of a second
· No blowback, drifting or loss of pressure
· Easy to use, just point and shoot
Sabre Home Fogger
· Equipped with a pistol grip firing mechanism and safety pin
· Heavy fog delivery covers the entire area of a doorway
· Provides approximately 10 heavy blasts at a range of up to 25 feet
· Includes wall mount brackets to keep the fogger out of reach of children and place strategically for immediate access
· Sabre Red is the #1 brand used by law enforcement worldwide
Self-Defensive Keychain
· Impact resistant ABS material for lightweight, yet rugged construction
· Carry with your keys or small enough to discreetly store anywhere
· Don’t be a victim and gain the upper hand
· Walk to your car with the weapon discreetly held in your hand
· In the event of an assault your attacker will be surprised with the force and damage of the first blow, giving time to escape
Mace Screecher Cable-Loop Alarm
· Portable multipurpose alarm that helps protect you and your valuables, its compact size makes it convenient to carry with you or pack in your luggage when traveling.
· This versatile protection device emits a loud 100dB panic alarm when the secured cable loop is pulled or cut
· Arm with a 4-digit security code to operate in vibration sensing mode, or manually with a simple 2 second press of the panic button
· The flexible cable loop makes it ideal for securing to cabinets, footlockers, or slipping over a doorknob and alerting when sensing vibration from tampering and attempted entry
· Scare off an attacker by attracting attention with a distress call for help
Mace Screecher
· Provides a loud emergency call for help when needing to seek the immediate attention of people around you
· Safe to carry in a pocket or handbag
· Push-top activator, press and a 116dB high-pitched shriek is released
· Scare off an attacker by attracting attention with a distress call for help
Disposable Hand Restraints
· Double nylon restraint
· Double locking to prevent over tightening
· Double tooth lock for maximum strength
· Can secure wrists or ankles
· Maintain control of an assailant after subdued
Tactical Flashlight
· Durable aluminum design
· Three functions, bight, half strength and strobe
· CREE T6 bulb for maximum lumens
· 480 lumens! This is tested and confirmed brightness, not exaggerated claims made by some other brands. This is the brightest AAA battery flashlight on the market. Higher lumens only possible with internal lithium ion batteries, which require plugging in to recharge.
· Runs on 3 AAA batteries so no need to plug in to recharge. This is important because you can always install new batteries.
· Carry in your hand when dark. Quickly turn on shining into the eyes of the assailant. Assailant’s eyes will be accustomed to the dark and the sudden burst of such intense light is not only painful but will blind him for several seconds allowing escape or other action.
Go Towels
· Remoistened with a natural antimicrobial
· Use to clean
· Individually sealed in its own bag
· Once opened the bag can be re-sealed
· Use to wash face and hands after using pepper spray
165pc First Aid Kit Description 
· 5 – Iodine Pads
· 15 – Alcohol Pads
· 4 – Gauze Pads 10cm x 10cm
· 10 – Gauze Pads 7.5cm x 7.5cm
· 2 – Bandages 6cm x 10cm
· 10 – Cotton Balls
· 26 – Bandages .75” x 3”
· 1 – Sterile Eye Pad
· 30 – Cotton Swabs
· First Aid Basic Advice Information
· 4 – Safety Pins
· 1 – Pair Scissors
· 1 – Pair Tweezers
· 30 – Bandages 3/8” x 1.5”
· 4 – Butterfly Closures
· 1 – Roll Adhesive Tape
· 1 – Resuscitation Device
· 1 – Pair Disposable Gloves
· 1 – Instant Ice Pack
· 1 – Reflective Emergency Blanket
· 1 – Triangular Sling Bandage
· 2 – Gauze Bandages 5cm x 4.5 cm

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